Business Line

NewMotion delivers smart, future proof charging to your business location or fleet ownership. We provide an answer to your businesses charging needs with the ability to control, manage and customise your fleet infrastructure in a single operational hub, providing a time saving and cost-efficient solution.

Business Charge Points

All with type 2 socket connector type and up to 22 kW rated output.

Business Pro 2.1

Master charge point in Dynamic Power Solutions set-up


Business Lite 2.1

Slave charge point in Dynamic Power Solutions set-up

Home Line

Home Line by NewMotion brings the ultimate charge experience to your doorstep with smart, safe and award winning charge points capable of providing charging services for any type of residence.

Residential Charge Points

All with socket type 2

Home Standard

Rated output: 3.7 kW


Home Fast

Rated output: up to 22 kW*


Home Advanced 2.1

Rated output: up to 22 kW*

* The standard setting of the charge point is 16A per phase. If you wish, we can remotely change the setting for you without any additional cost.

Colour Customisation

Select from our 3 standard colour variants, go bold to promote electric driving, or you can even select a custom colour to match your home or company brand colours.

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Business Hub Subscriptions

Business Hub Subscriptions

Benefit from smart services that will help organisations optimise and manage charging locations delivering real-time cost management insights and automatic reimbursement. With all the smart features included in business and home subscriptions, you will also be able to control your charging infrastructure from an easy to use business hub.

  • Charge as quick and efficient as possible with the available electricity.
  • Automatic distribution of available energy capacity.
  • Ideal when using multiple charge points or for future expansion.
  • Guest usage.
  • Automatic reimbursement of guest usage costs.
  • Charge card access management (e.g. free charging for employees.)
  • Email notifications.
Group Charge App for Business

Group Charge App for Business

Joint charging at the workplace. Our Group Charge App assists companies and their employees to optimise the utilisation of the company’s charge points.

  • A more efficient way for your employees to directly communicate with each other in a closed user group via chat functionality.
  • Check the up-to-date status of the company’s charge points.
  • See who is charging.
  • Get notified when a charge point becomes available or when yours has completed charging.
  • Reduce your total cost of ownership.
  • Increase the utilisation of your charge points by 200% and measure EV-drivers’ social behaviour.
  • Maximise your fleet’s total electric kilometres.
Home subscriptions

Home subscriptions

Our subscriptions offer you the opportunity to get the most out of your intelligent charging point. By providing real-time insight to automatic reimbursement, these smart services help improve your charge experience. Described below are our unique advantages.

  • 24/7 helpdesk
  • Online management of your account.
  • Monitor data such as amount of sessions, kWh usage costs and CO2 savings.
  • Remote control functionality to enable you to reset or stop your charge session from a distance.
  • Monthly contract – ability to cancel at anytime
  • Guest usage.
  • Charge card access management (e.g. free charging for neighbours).
  • Avoid overloading your grid connection at home.

If you would like to speak to a member of our team to discuss your options in more detail. Simply call: 01782 308084